Holly Fisk - Account Manager

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Matt joined the Farmers Agency team in 2010.  He holds a Agribusiness and Farming Insurance Specialist (AFIS) designation as well as a Masters in Business from the Carlson School of Management.  Matt works with Personal & Commercial clients on seeing the big picture and determine how crop coverage levels, government programs, and property protection affect a clients risk management solution.

​Matt Allen - Agent and Office Manager

Barb Estrem - Vice President

Tom Estrem - President, Agent

Farmers Agency was started in 1982 by Tom & Barb Estrem with one motorcycle policy. Since then Tom, Barb and their team have built an agency offering Crop, as well as Farm, Auto, Home, Hail, and Commercial Insurance. Through the years Farmers Agency has maintained its commitment to every customer, while remaining a family-oriented business.  

Holly joined Farmers Agency as a Crop Insurance Specialist in 2005. Crop Insurance is about details and Holly makes sure your crop insurance policies are complete, claims are submitted, and endorsements added. Holly has lived in the Elbow Lake area for abut 20 years and is an active member of our community. 

Amy Puchalski - Customer Service Representative

Barb has been with Farmers Agency since its beginning in 1982. She wears many hats in the agency including bookkeeper, marketing manager, supply manager, and everything in between to keep the agency running.

Tom is the President of Farmers Agency. He founded the agency in 1982 and with over 40+ years of experience in Farm Risk Management he is an invaluable asset to your risk management needs. Tom always offers a well-rounded solution on your insurance questions.


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Amy joined the Farmers Agency team in 2012.  She services all Farm, Home, Auto, Commerical and Hail polices in our agency.  Amy grew up in the Hoffman area and has been around agriculture all of her life.

Farmers Agency Inc's. Mission & History emboldens our staff to be passionate about delivering exceptional service while meeting your insurance needs. At Farmers Agency, Inc. Your Peace of Mind is Our Priority, that's why our purpose is to fully serve your insurance needs, while giving you the quality service that you deserve. Our specialized staff is capable of helping you meet all of your insurance needs in one place.